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Welcome to the 2021 Corn Fest Kickoff

Rules for the 2021 Corn Fest Kickoff

Rules for the 2021 Corn Fest Kickoff

2021 North Ridgeville Cornfest Kick-Off
Soccer Tournament Rules
August 14th and 15th

Competition is open to teams composed of no more than 18 players (U13 & U14/15), 16 players (U11 & U12), 14 players (U9 & U10) and 10 (U8's) who are registered with their respective state or national association. USSF-affiliated teams not under affiliation with a US Youth Soccer state association are permitted provided OYSAN-required documentation is submitted. Teams from outside Ohio North and all out of state teams must have a copy of Permission To Travel Form signed by their Association. Official state stamped team rosters will be checked against the players' passes at registration. Player registration cards authorized by the state association will be required as proof of age. Players must be registered to their team according to current US Youth Soccer standards for age groupings. Each team will be allowed to add a certain amount of guest players based on the age groups (U8, U9 and U10 - 3 guest players, U11 through U14/15 - 4 guest players). All guest players will be required to meet all other eligible player requirements including having a current player card, a validated team roster and have a birth date appropriate for their designated age group. Current year rosters are required, but player passes from the spring season will be accepted if current passes are not complete, as they remain valid until August 31st of each year. If a team is unable to provide a current, valid roster due to time frame of the tournament, the Tournament Director must be contacted to discuss circumstances and terms. Teams must present medical authorization or releases at registration for all players. *Medical forms must be notarized if from outside of OYSAN. Players are not allowed to play on more than one team per tournament division. The players cannot switch to another team during the tournament. If a coach/player breaks this rule all teams involved will be disqualified.

All teams are guaranteed three (3) games during the entire tournament. Game schedules will be provided following the registration deadline. A final draft of the schedule will be provided one week before the tournament. The tournament reserves the right to adjust the schedule as needed throughout the weekend to ensure games are played and in the spirit of healthy competition. Age brackets and team placement are done by the Tournament Committee based on the information provided at registration. Teams will be placed accordingly based on their level of play. The Tournament Committee will research your team and place them to their appropriate skill level so we can provide the most competitive while fair tournament challenge for your team.
● U8 (2014), U9 (2013), and U10 (2012) teams will play 7v7
● U11 (2011) and U12 (2010) teams will play 9v9
● U13 (2009) and U14/15 (2008/2007) teams will play 11v11

All games shall be played in accordance with FIFA Laws, except as specifically noted by these Rules.
The US Soccer No Header Rule is in affect for U11 age groups and below.

a. No metal cleats allowed on soccer shoes.
b. Where the color of jerseys is similar or identical, the designated home team will change colors. Home team is identified on the schedule.
c. All players must have uniforms with individual numbers on the shirt. Uniform number must coincide with player’s name on the roster.
d. All equipment will be subject to approval of the referee.
e. All players must wear shin guards.

a. After a goal has been scored by either team.
b. At halftime.
c. Before a goal kick by either team.
d. Before a throw-in by either team as long as the team with possession is subbing too. Otherwise, the team without possession cannot substitute unless the team throwing the ball into play is subbing also. This is to prevent teams from stalling.
e. In the case of injury on a one-for-one basis. (If a substitution is made for an injured player, the other team may also make a substitution.)

6. SPECIAL RULES FOR AGES U9 THROUGH U10 (Boys’ and Girls' teams)
Rules for small-sided games follow US Youth Soccer recommended modifications to the FIFA Laws of the Game. Please refer to the rules as stated above with the following modifications:
a. No pass backs (if the ball is played back to the keeper from the keeper’s team, he/she cannot use their hands to touch the ball, must be touched with his/her feet).
b. Offside: Conducted per FIFA.
c. Penalty Kicks: Conducted per FIFA, with penalty mark eight yards from goal line.
d. Free kicks: Conducted per FIFA. Opponents remain eight yards from ball
e. Goalkeeper Punts: An indirect free kick is awarded to the opposing team at the center spot on the halfway line, if a goal keeper punts or drop-kicks a ball in the air from one penalty area into the opponents’ penalty area.

Both teams’ players and coaches will take up positions in the designated team areas at each field. All spectators will remain on the opposite side of the field from the teams behind the crowd line. There is a limit of three coaches, who are rostered to a team and who will be allowed to remain with the team during the game. No spectators will be permitted behind the goals. All coaches and players not on the playing field must remain in the designated team areas located 10 yards either side of the half way line.

Players and coaches are expected to conduct themselves within the spirit of the Law, as well as the letter of the Law. Displays of temper dissent by word or action against the opponent or referee, and retaliation of fouls are cause for ejection from the game. Players or coaches receiving a red or two yellow cards will not be permitted to participate in the next scheduled game. Spectators can be asked to leave a game/facility at any point by the referee or tournament director. The Tournament Directors reserves the right to remove a player or team from the tournament for misconduct.

All preliminary and semi-final games will have two equal halves of 25 minutes in duration with a 5-minute halftime interval. Championship games will be 2 equal halves of 30 minutes with a 5-minute halftime interval. The game clock will not be stopped because of injury unless, at the discretion of the referee, medical personnel must remove the injured player from the field. Due to the time allowed for the completion of all games, the clock must run continuously. Not more than 10 minutes will be added to the clock. The referee may choose to break the game at 12 minutes /13 minutes (four even quarters) with 2-minute breaks in between in conditions of excessive heat to ensure the welfare of the players and to promote adequate hydration during the game.

No. 5 - U-14/15, U-13
No. 4 - U-12, U-11, U-10, U-9
No. 3 - U-8

11. DIVISIONS (basic guidelines)
Gold (for premier and top-level travel teams)
Blue (for division 1 and division A travel teams or lower)
White (for division 2 and division B travel teams or lower)
Grey (for low level travel teams and recreational teams)
Tournament officials reserve the right to combine classifications and age groups should the number of teams entered require such action. Every effort will be made to insure fairness of competition and coaches/teams affected will be notified of any changes.

Any player who is bleeding and/or has blood on any part of their uniform will be sent off the field by the referee. A player substitution can be made. The bleeding player may return to the game after the bleeding has stopped and/or a bandage applied. The affected uniform must be changed or cleaned before the player returns to the field of play.

Referee decisions are final and are not subject to protest. Protests pertaining to violations to the tournament rules or laws of the game must be submitted in writing to the protest committee at the tournament headquarters. A $100.00 cash bond must accompany each protest and is refundable only in the event the protest is upheld by the protest committee.


A Field Marshal will be used to help facilitate a timely schedule of games. The Field Marshal will assist the referees with pre-game team check-ins and with reporting scores.

Regardless of weather conditions, coaches and their teams MUST appear on the field of play, ready to play as scheduled. Failure to appear will result in forfeiture of the game. Only referees and/or the Tournament Directors can cancel a game. In the event of any lightning, there will be at minimum a 30 minute delay before the games can resume.
Inclement weather before games: In case of severe weather conditions before play, referees and/or the Tournament Directors MAY reduce the length of the game by 50%.

Games interrupted in the first half:
a. If time permits, play to completion.
b. If time permits, play to completion of at least the first half and record the score as complete.
c. If the first half cannot be completed, the game will be called a scoreless tie and each team will be awarded one point.

Games interrupted after completion of first half:
a. If time permits, play to completion.
b. If time does not permit, game will be called complete and the score at the time of the interruption recorded.
In any event, games shall not be played past the scheduled start time of the next game due to weather delays.

A maximum 5-minute grace period will be allowed after scheduled kick-off time before a game is awarded to an opponent. Teams failing to field the minimum number of players listed below will forfeit the game. Teams are expected to be ready to start the game on time, possibly with no warm-up time. Failure to complete a match, or a team leaving the field of play, will result in a forfeit. No team that has forfeited a game will be declared a group winner. Forfeits will be scored as a 4-0 loss. This score will be the official score in case goal differential is a necessary tiebreaker.
● U8, U9, and U10 – 5 minimum
● U11 and U12 – 7 minimum
● U13 and U14/15 – 8 minimum

a. The Tournament Committee and the North Ridgeville Amateur Soccer League will not be responsible for any expenses incurred by any team or club if the tournament is canceled in whole or part. No refunds will be made to any participating teams if the tournament directors for any reason cancel a portion of or the tournament in its entirety once tournament play has begun unless the guaranteed minimum of 3 games is unable to be played. In such case, a refund of 1/3 the team's entrance fee per unplayed game will be issued to the affected team or teams. The tournament will refund a team’s entry fee in its entirety if it is unable to provide an appropriate age bracket in which to compete. If the weekend is a total washout due to weather conditions, each team will only receive the total amount that team submitted.
b. Accepted teams who elect to withdraw from the tournament will receive a full refund of their entry fee up until four weeks (July 17th) prior to the tournament date. Withdrawal between two and four weeks prior (July 31st) to the tournament date will result in forfeiture of one half the tournament entry fee. Withdrawal within two weeks (on or later than July 31st) of the tournament date will result in forfeiture of entire entry fee. Under no circumstances will a team receive a refund amount for more than what they paid to enter the tournament based on the amount per game refunded.
c. The Tournament Directors reserves the right to decide on all matters pertaining to the tournament and its judgment is final.
d. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited anywhere at the tournament sites.
e. Serious misconduct of coaches, parents or anyone associated with the team can result in disqualification of the team from the tournament.

19. GUEST PLAYER LIMITATIONS (Refer to ELIGIBILITY for guest players rules).
Guest players from other USSF affiliated teams are welcomed to participate but must bring player passes and medical release forms. However, guest players must be from the same USSF affiliate as the team to which they are requesting to guest play with. For example, a US Youth Soccer team may only have US Youth Soccer players. A US Club team may only have US Club members. If any players want to guest from US Club to US Youth Soccer, they can ONLY by registering with US Youth Soccer (becoming a member) and applying for a guest player pass from US Youth Soccer.
a. Boys’ and Girls' U8, U9, and U10 – A total of 3 guest players are permitted per team.
b. Boys’ and Girls' U11 through U14/15 – A total of 4 guest players are permitted per team.

3 Points - Win
1 Point – Tie
0 Points - Loss

First- and second-place individual awards will be presented in each U-9 through U-14/15 age group to the Winners and Runners-up in each division. Participation Awards will be presented to each player on every U-8 team. Competition in the U-8 division will be conducted with no playoffs or Championships. No awards for placement (1st and 2nd) will be presented in the U8 group.

Ties will stand at the end of regular play for preliminary round games. Division standings and/or playoff positions will be determined as follows:
a. The team with the most points, second highest number of points, third highest number of points and fourth highest number of points, etc.
b. Result of game played between tied teams. (if three teams or more are tied, go to the next step).
c. Highest total goal differential (total goals scored minus total goals allowed). A maximum differential of 4 goals per game will count for this purpose. (i.e. For a score of 4-0,
goal differential is 4 for the winner and -4 for the loser. For a score of 7-2, goal differential is also 4 and -4 as above).
d. Least number of total goals allowed.
e. Most goals scored. (Maximum of 4 goals per game.)
f. Most shutouts.
g. Least amount of red cards (5 points for coaches, 2 points for players).
h. Least amount of yellow cards (2 points for coaches, 1 point for players).
i. If teams are tied after step “h”, standing will be based on a coin toss. Head coaches involved, go to the admin tent of the game site where the final game is to be played for
the toss.

Ties - For semi-final and championship games, the teams will be given a 5-minute rest period following regulation play and immediately proceed with a two 5-minute halves of overtime played to their conclusion. If the teams are still tied at the end of the overtime, the FIFA penalty kick procedure will be used to determine a winner.

In-person check in will be available, 6:00-8:00 p.m. on Thursday, August 12, 2021, at Root Road Soccer Complex, 8949 Root Rd, North Ridgeville, OH, 44039.
The Tournament Headquarters will be at the Root Road Soccer Complex.


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